WiFi networks in Vsetin

Free Wifi for tourists and the citizens of Vsetín.
There is no need to overuse the data tariffs of your smart phones in the centre of Vsetín.


You can take advantage of the service WiFi Vsetín and connect to the Internet for free with a 2 Mbit/s speed. The service is available in Náměstí Svobody, Dolní náměstí and in the ČSAD bus station.

WiFi Vsetín is run under the technical supervision of company INTERNEXT 2000.


The servsice works with a cyclic interval mode 1-2, so the user can be online for an hour, then goes offline for 2 hours and the cycle starts again.
The download speed is 2 Mb/s, upload speed is 0.5 Mbit/s.
As already mentioned interval mode and speed of connection applies for an open area of Dolní náměstí and Náměstí Svobody, ČSAD bus station and areas in reach of the signal. The mode and speed of connection aren’t valid for cafes and restaurants, which are on our list, because the mode and speed is under control of its owner.

The way how to connect is simple.
Let your device locate available WiFi networks in your reach. Choose “Free-WiFi-Vsetin”. You will be redirected to our welcome page, from where you can go wherever you want.
After an hour of surfing you will be disconnected. Another connection will be allowed after a further 2 hours.

Because the service is free, there is no guarantee or warranty.

Free WiFi network covers:

Name of the WiFi network is “Free-WiFi-Vsetin
You can connect to network without any authentication
Transfer speed is 2/0.5 Mbit/s
The IP address will be assigned automatically by DHCP server
Supported standards are IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g
Cyclic interval system 1-2 (1 hour of connection, 2 hours cut-off).

Vysokorychlostní internet do bytu
Turistické informační centrum Vsetín

Vysokorychlostní internet do vašeho vsetínského bytu 30 Mbit/s 240 Kč